RockBox New Orleans


Eric Knight – Vocals
Derek Hernandez – Vocals
Robert Manganello – Bass Gtr / Vocals
Crank Sinatra – Gtr / Vocals
Greg Torres – Keys / Gtr /Vocals
Tom Drennan – Drums / Vocals

**Performing weekly at Fat Catz Music Club at St Louis and Bourbon St.  Fri/Sat/Sun 7PM **

Music is a beautiful art form. It can inspire, it can motivate, and it can bring about feelings of nostalgia for a happier time.

Remember when music was PURE…performed by professionals who looked at the art form as MORE than a way to meet girls and make a little money?

Remember when musicians spent COUNTLESS hours honing their craft until they could reproduce that feeling of excitement and awe at EVERY show!

Remember when concerts were EVENTS that you planned MONTHS in advance for…gathered your friends, waited in line for HOURS in the rain to buy tickets, then waited impatiently for that one evening
of HIGH ENERGY to take you away from the stress and problems of the everyday world, if only for a few hours?

Those days are NOT gone…they are ALIVE AND WELL with the RockBox!

RockBox is first, and foremost, music fans! They waited for those shows…they stood in line…they remember! They were just like YOU! THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU! Their
philosophy is a simple one…play GREAT music, play it FAITHFULLY, and play it LIVE!!

Too many musicians have fallen victim to the ease that technology has afforded them…pre-recording vocals and instruments in order to sound POLISHED. What RockBox believes is that LIVE MUSIC deserves to be labored over, rehearsed, and perfected WITHOUT the overwhelming
assistance of technology.

Each of the members of the RockBox have been performing live music for more than 20 years. MUSIC IS THEIR JOB!

Playing together on Bourbon Street…one of the most FAMOUS Entertainment Districts in the WORLD…is what RockBox does! As working musicians, they have played 5 nights a
week, for 6-8 hours a night, for more than 12 YEARS!!

That equates to THOUSANDS of concerts that they have performed, to MILLIONS of people.

RockBox does not consider themselves a ‘cover band’. They do not consider themselves a ‘tribute band’. They consider themselves ‘Curators’ of an art form that has endured for
more than 40 years!

What the RockBox offer is an EXPERIENCE…a tribute to NOT just one band, but to a GENERATION of the GREATEST MUSIC ever recorded!

Want to hear Journey? DONE! Led Zeppelin? Got that, too! As a matter of fact, the RockBox are capable of playing hundreds of

So, when you are planning your next event, ask yourself one very simple question…DO YOU REMEMBER???

When Your Entertainment Matters